Pressurization Systems

Pressurization Systems (Also known as Purge Systems)

The concept hazardous protection Exp ,i.e.of pressurization of a control panel making use of standard electrical components to enable them to be used in a hazardous area .Ingress of a potentially hazardous gas into the enclosure containing electrical equipment is prevented by maintaining a gas shield (air or inert gas)inside the enclosure above the atmospheric pressure. The overpressure is maintained and monitored. A loss of overpressure will isolate the electrical supply to the cabinet. Flushing (or purging) of the enclosure prior to maintaining an overpressure is an often used method.

QUINTEX has developed a new approach to pressurization systems. Instead of flushing with a purge medium, the Exp cabinet is tested by gas detection measurement. Stationary automatically or on-site with a handheld detector)
Thereafter an overpressure will build up and all internal devices will be activated. The controller will continuously monitor the over-pressure and switch off power to the panel on pressure loss.

Internal power feed is supplied through a patented contactor which operates on the dual protection system exe/exp. Thereby eliminating the requirement for an Exd housing for the power within the cabinet.
Patended contactors:


Exp components


“Flameproof PC”
As part of the pressurization system PCs can be fitted into enclosures and thereby used directly in hazardous areas.
Exp PC systems (with keyboard/touch screen)
Below is a prime example of a customized enclosure containing a touch screen, enabling a standard PC+TFT to be used. NO NEED FOR
Approved for zone 1 and zone 2.
This enables standard PCs and upgrades to be used.