Local Control Stations (Exed)

Local Control Stations

Explosion proof Local Control Stations have been designed in harmony with the requirements of the Exe (increased safety) type of explosion protection.

Local Control Stations are made from Ex approved polyester enclosures, black, (alternatively SS) with rail mounted contact blocks and control actuators fitted in the lid. As GRP standard they are available in 2 sizes:
120x125x90mm with 1 or 2 control functions and
120x220x95mm with 3 control functions.

Multifunction Local Control Stations can be made up with a variety of control components such as PB switches, lamps, Ammeters, key switches ,etc.

For these purposes enclosures are sized to customer’s requirements and can be with door.

The enclosures are from local sources, where-as the control components are imported from QUINTEX in Germany.
Control functions are available as 2-pole; 4-pole; lamps; potentiometers and Ammeters with the relevant actuators. Some actuators are lockable or have an access prevention lid.

Control Station Rating: Exe IIC T6 Gb

Local Control Stations

Local Control Stations

Suitable for zones 1+2;21 & 22