Line Bushes (Exd)

Line Bushes

Line bushes are used as a method of interconnecting Ex enclosures or FlameProof type with other Ex type. One of the applications are DOLs or other motor Starters in combination with Exe Control Stations .The GRP enclosures are interconnected with the GUB containing the non-ex electrical equipment.

Line bushes come in a variety of ways

  • Threaded sleeve
  • Double threaded sleeve (co-rotation or counter rotating possible)
  • Rotating gland (rotating arc 270deg)
  • With gland and hose cable
  • SAs per customer’s specification

Line bushe range from size M10 to M42 which enables a wide variety of cables to be interconnected from one enclosure to another.
Standards are laid out in the calculator or can be made up to customer’s requirements.
See the Quintex website below.

Line Bushes


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