GUB Enclosures (Exd)

GUB Enclosures (Exd) Flameprooof

GUB enclosures are in wide demand for use in Ex surface operations. They combine the flameproof requirement and the use of non ex electrical equipment in an economical manner.

This includes the use of terminals.

Other use is , in combination with an Exe Control Station, as DOL starters or other motor drives.
They are designed for indoor/outdoor use in potentially hazardous atmospheres due to the presence of explosive gas/dust mixtures.
They are suitable for installation in zone 1, 2, 21, 22.

They are manufactured from copper free aluminium alloy, grey epoxy painted RAL 7035 and are available as “empty enclosure” or “populated enclosure”
Some GUB sizes are also available with a round glass window in the cover to enable viewing of the internal components.

GUB sizes range from 120×120 x116 height to 520x520x327 height. Entries are standard.
The use of a GUB is determined by the physical requirements of the internal equipment and the permissible heat dissipation.
Non-used entries are blocked off with Exd plugs.
GUB enclosures are imported by Ex Protect from Italy.
Rating: Ex II 2 GD Ex d IIC ; Ex tD A21 IP66

GUBS are used in explosive atmospheres in

  • Chemical,Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Onshore and Offshore Shipping Industry
  • All areas of risks of Explosion and Fire
  • Oil and Gas as well as the distribution Industry thereof.

GUB enclosures (Exd)