ETH- Constant Wattage Tapes

Constant Wattage Tapes

Constant Wattage

Tapes are exactly what the word states:
Constant Wattage
When power is connected the tape gives a constant Power output regardless of the pipe temperature. It is used for maintaining process temperatures of pipe-work and vessels in safe or hazardous areas.Constant Wattage Tape has high withstand temperatures and can be cut to length with no wastage. Outputs are available up to 145W/m .Pipe surface temperatures can be up to (intermittant) 425degC.Using single core Pyro type tape this can be higher up to 650degC.

Power supply for the tape is generally 220VAC. 110VAC (optional) ,24VDC or even 12VDC considered on request. 24VDC is suitable for application on Tar trucks or other type of vehicle carrying viscous liquids.

The tapes come in a variety of “make ups”.

  • The basic tape has no braiding and is without outer-jacket
  • A tape with tinned copper braid provides mechanical protection as well as an effective earth path where the piping is non metallic, i.e. plastic pipe work.
  • Additional protection is provided by tapes with a thermoplastic outer=jacket over tinned copper braid.
  • For where corrosive chemical solutions or vapours are present a flouropolymer outer-jacket over tinned copper braid provides good protection.

Installation of constant wattage tape is speedy and simple. No special skills or tools are required.
Termination, splicing and power connection kits are found in the section: Installation Material
These come in convenient kits for Ex and non-Ex applications.

Single Core Heating Cable Constant Wattage
This is a mineral-insulated heating cable which due to its structure is mechanically strong and due to different jacket materials available ,also is highly resistant to chemical attacks.

It has a specific resistance which will cause the power output to increase or decrease by changing the length of the cable.
Connections are established through soldering or laser welding. Cols ends are typically 1.2m.
Outer jacket materials are either SS,Cupronickel or Incoloy.

The tape is the one on the far RH side

Constant Wattage Tapes

Constant Wattage Tapes