ETH Tapes – Self regulating

ETH Tapes

Tapes – Self regulating

Tapes – Self regulating (other expression: self-limiting tapes) automatically adjust the heat output in response to an increase or decrease in the pipe temperature. This is due to the variation of the internal resistance of the tape as the temperature varies.
An increase in temperature results in an increase in resistance which in turn lowers the electric current flowing through the tape.The balance point of the tape will balance out below the acceptable temperature limit .

The general supply voltage of tapes is 220VAC/11-VAC. Certain tapes can operate on 12 and 24VAC/DC . This makes the tape acceptable for application on vehicles such as tar carriers.

The tape is available for industrial and hazardous area use for maintaining temperatures of up to 200degC. Tapes have a variety of outer covering from Silicone to Fluoropolymer to cover a number of arduous environmental applications.

Due to the self-regulating characteristic safety and reliability is Improved. Tapes will not overheat or burn out even if overlapped by itself.

Just like constant wattage tapes the self regulating tapes come in a variety of “make ups”.

  • The basic tape has no braiding and is without outer-jacket
  • A tape with tinned copper braid provides mechanical protection as well as an effective earth path where the piping is non metallic, i.e. plastic pipe work.
  • Additional protection is provided by tapes with a thermoplastic outer=jacket over tinned copper braid.
  • For where corrosive chemical solutions or vapours are present a flouropolymer outer-jacket over tinned copper braid provides good protection.

Installation of self-regulating tape is speedy and simple. No special skills or tools are required.
Termination, splicing and power connection kits are found in the section: Installation Material
These come in convenient kits for Ex and non-Ex applications.

ETH Tapes – Self regulating

ETH Tapes – Self regulating