Exe/Exd Termination Enclosures

Enhanced Safety (Exe) Intrinsic Safety (Exi) and  Flameproof (Exd) Terminal Enclosures

Terminal Enclosures

Exe/Exd Termination Enclosures

Termination Enclosures contain terminals of varying current carrying capacity. The number of terminals per enclosure is determined by the size of the enclosure as against the conductor size of the terminal.The terminal enclosure has a certain heat dissipation limitation to limit the surface temperature of the enclosure. That in essence means that the larger the terminal size, the lesser number of terminals can be fitted into a termination enclosure.
Termination enclosures as an Exe enclosure contain grey terminals as against Exi enclosures
Contain blue terminals. The same goes for any trunking if fitted.

Standard enclosure materials are GRP (Exe, Exi) ,SS (Exe) and aluminium (Exd) Other materials can be considered on an ad hoc basis.
Cable entries are also limited in quantity per side, based on the size of the entry. This is to maintain a specific mechanical strength of the sides of the termination enclosure.
Enhanced safety and Flameproof enclosures can be produced for zones 1 & 2 and zones 21 & 22.
Enhanced/Intrinsic safety (Exe)/ (Exi) enclosures are made from GRP material whereas Exd or otherwise known as “Flameproof” enclosures are made from metal.
Present rating: Ex e IIC T6 Gb.
Ingress Protection: IP66
Cable entries in terminal enclosures are in harmony with relevant explosion proof standards.
Enhanced safety and Flameproof terminal enclosures are used in gas, dust explosion hazardous areas.

Exe/Exd Termination Enclosures


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Locally manufactured and approved Termination Enclosure

Termination Enclosure

Local Ex designation label (Sample)

Local Ex designation label

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